" The complexities of interweaving various forms, color, and brushwork styles (like a Bach concerto) but keeping true to a uniform style, and flow is my concept of good art."  George Mamos


George Mamos

 Born  New York  1953

      In Mamos' paintings the ordinary or commonplace is transformed into a higher reality creating a sense of greater importance. Emotions are an essential part of his design, while his mastery of the subject and diverse brushstrokes combine to make his canvases very powerful visual experiences.

     Most of his work since 1995 consisted of figures, portraits and still life in oil.  Early in his life he created a series of iconography which were exhibited at Lincoln Center.  Several years ago he was commissioned by the actor Telly Savalas to paint his portrait in oil, and more recently received a prestigious portrait commission of the Greek Archbishop of Canada.  He was commissioned and painted 2 portraits of the daughters of Danny Schiff (entrepreneur and owner of a NASCAR winning car) and his work “Plethora of Flowers” was selected by the Oil Painters of America for their past National Exhibition. The owner of horse “Hard Spun” which ran in the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes purchased a rendition of his horse painted by George Mamos.  He was named by The Artists Magazine as one of 2007 Best Artists. Three of his works were selected for the 2007 Raymar Art Competition   His works have recently adorned book covers published by Worth Publishing, and his paintings are owned by various collectors throughout the United States, including Jamie Moyer baseball ledgend ("Prayer for Peace").

      George Mamos completed two years of drawing classes followed by 4 years of formal art training at Brooklyn College in New York, where he obtained a BA in Fine Arts, and thereafter attended The Students Art League of New York.  He has  participated in various workshops including Richard Schmid, private classes of Max Ginsburg and attended various paint outs given by plain air artists.  During the 1980's and 90's he supported his wife and 4 children by practicing law, while painting in his spare time.   In 2006 he returned to his lifelong passion and began painting full time. His work can be categorized as realism of impressionism.  He resides with his family on Long Island, New York

      His influences are to numerous to mention but some of his mebtors and favorites are John Singer Sargent,  Maxfield Parrish, Nicolai Fechin, followed more recently by the fluid and loose styles of Richard Schmid, and Daniel Gerhartz, as well as the natural art of Robert Bateman.

      “I have always believed in keeping life in balance, and most of all the beauty of family, God and nature.  I believe the most important part of a painting is the personal vision it creates.  Painting is the window to viewing the world through someone else's eyes. 

Painting with Max Ginsburg at Students Art League



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